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Event marquee

Event marquees for hire in Devon

As well as marquees, we also have additional items available to hire including furniture, lighting and more! Contact A Team Marquees to discuss your requirements.


We provide freestanding marquees manufactured in accordance with BS5438. These marquees are 10’ 20’ 30’ or 40' wide and they can be as long as you would need or require. All our marquees are white and have a simple classical design. The larger marquees are 7'3” at the eaves and rise to 12’6” at the apex. All the sidewalls on our marquees can be easily opened should the weather permit. 

Interior linings:  
These are an essential part of the decoration of a marquee for weddings and parties. A Team Marquees provides flat ivory roof linings with pleated ivory walls. The overall effect is simple and elegant. The ivory background can be set off with coloured pelmets along the eaves, or with coloured stripes across the roof. Linings are particularly striking when combined with either floral schemes or balloons. All our linings are manufactured according to BS 5867 Pt 2 and BS 5438. 
Lighting: We have two basic styles of lighting:
Overhead lighting using chandeliers with dimmers –  8 branch chandeliers giving off 300 Watts per chandelier.
We also have spotlights and festoon lighting and are always interested in fulfilling different requirements as the need arises. 
Coconut matting:
The most popular choice of flooring is 12mm thick striped coconut matting put down over a waterproof plastic ground sheet. We ensure that our matting is well fixed down with 6” nails at each end and along the length of the mat. 

Hard floor:
Where the ground is rough or has a tendency to waterlog, A Team Marquees can provide a hard floor.
Dance floor:
Rosewood coloured dance floors with tapered edging can be built to your requirements.
Bistro chairs:
Comfortable and sturdy white plastic chairs with fluted backs. Stackable and light.
Gilt chairs:
Standard banqueting chair with seat pads to match a given colour scheme, where available.
Trestle tables:
Wooden trestle tables 6 foot long and 2'3” wide 
Round tables:
Round tables of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft in dimensions to suit your seating plan 
Calor heaters and gas 

Other Accessories:
Exterior flood lights 
Outside lights clear or colour  
Night sky light 
Although not exhaustive, the above list gives a good idea of our general stock. We are also able to hire additional products subject to your requirements (items which may not be included in the list above). 

'We provide a personal service which includes delivery and erection of the marquee'
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Equipment Sizes and Details

White classic design (10ft) 
White classic design (20ft) 
White classic design (30ft) 
Trestle tables 
Round tables (4ft, 5ft & 6ft) Seat 6 - 8 each  
Round tables (4ft, 5ft & 6ft) Seat 8 - 10 each 
Round tables (4ft, 5ft & 6ft) Seat 10 -12 each  
White bistro chairs 
White chairs stacking  
Gilt chairs with cushions  
(Choice of colours blue, gold, burgundy red or forest green)

Dance floors:
12ft X 12ft  
16ft X 16ft  
20ft X 20ft  
20ft X 30ft  
30ft x 30ft  
Catering tent 10ft x 10ft  
Catering tent 20ft x 10ft  
Porch 10ft x 10ft  
Covered walkway per 10ft  
Covered walkway – lined per 10ft
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